We offer several kits that come complete with installation and several hours of training.


The basic kit has a 300 gallon fish tank and an elevated wooden LDPE lined 4x8 flood and drain grow bed on a cinder block stand. This kit has all the parts and pieces including air pump and water pump, all fully assembled and working. The basic kit is priced at $1625.00 plus Arkansas sales tax.


The standard kit comes with all the same properties as the basic kit except that the grow bed is a LDPE (low density polyethylene) factory manufactured 12 inch deep 4x8 tray. You can choose with this kit to have two 4x4 trays. The standard kit is priced at $2156.00 plus Arkansas sales tax.


The deluxe kit is the same as the standard kit, but comes with a manufactured angle iron stand for the LDPE tray rather than the onsite assembled cinder block stand. The deluxe kit is priced at $2436.00 plus Arkansas sales tax.


With all kits, you will be responsible for the greenhouse enclosure if desired (we can also help with that), at least one 15 or 20 Amp ground fault protected 120 volt circuit, and whatever kind of fish you desire to have, and the fish food.


If you want to design and construct your own system we offer consulting at $45.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.