Aquaponics is a method of growing plants and fish in the same recirculating system. Both the plants and fish thrive in this system, with the fish providing the nutrient content and the plants cleaning the water for the fish. Water is circulated from the fish tanks through the growing area then back to the tanks. There are naturally occurring bacteria that help in this process, by converting ammonia the fish contribute, into nitrates the plants can use. This whole process was designed by God and is evident in the shallows of every lake and stream. We just enhance the process to work for us to grow produce in a sustainable way.




Plants are grown in flood and drain beds with gravel or some other media to support the roots, or in floating rafts in channels of circulating water. Some growers use NFT (nutrient film technology). There are many ways to use the nutrient rich water to grow nutritious plants faster and more intensively than in fertile soil. This way of growing uses only 15% of the water used by traditional farming. One wonderful aspect of this system is you can get vegetables and good protein from the same system.